Inaugural Post! Community and Craftivism

Hello universe,

This is the beginning of a project I’ve been thinking up for a few months. It started with a book and good timing. I have been thinking a lot about community, volunteerism, global citizenship, and making social change. Sofar, it’s resulted in a yarn bombing project I’ve named tightknit (title based on the ideal community).

This isn’t only a knitting/crocheting project: I intend to learn a great deal more about community, craftivism, knitting/crochet in general, and similar topics. I may create a tighter mission statement for this project, but I hope to create flushed out opinions, ideas, and perhaps acts that have to do with community and craftivism. As I read up on these topics I will write posts reflecting my thoughts…hopefully they’ll be interesting and can start conversations. Feel free to leave comments that will do so!

Welcome to tightknit. Enjoy the ideas, occasional wordvomit, and – of course – tags. Hopefully this becomes a conversation.


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