Tagging on the High Seas


As I was dreaming up tightknit for a couple months, I was also preparing for a trip into the Pacific Ocean on a research vessel for work. In the midst of prepping and packing and leaving, I completely forgot about my idea: to place the inaugural tightknit tag on the boat.

About a week into the voyage I came to. DAMN! I forgot about my yarn bombing idea! I didn’t pack anything to knit or tag with! What’s a girl to do!?

Well…use some screwdrivers and neon pink string, obviously. Bitchin’:

Next conundrum: where the hell do I put this thing on a boat? There are many places a knit square can be wrapped around, but it was hard to think of a good hiding spot that I could tag without being noticed.

The porthole cover in my room did nicely. I tucked the message above inside. I wonder if a scientist or crew will find it… if it will be kept or thrown away….

The neon pink peeks out just a bit. The crew member who changed over the sheets the day I left didn’t notice, nor did my bunkmate.

Sweet success…tagging on the high seas. This is an excellent way to start tightknit, though I didn’t have the resources to do what I aim to on land.

Now, onto some hardcore knitting!


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