The first stepping stone

This week I’ve started some “necessary” preparations for all my knitting plans.

First, I bought and checked out a few excellent books that will help me in my quest to enhance my understanding of knitting’s role in making social/political statements. I’ve only read a couple pages sofar, but I am really excited to keep reading and making some of the patterns I’ve looked at. I intend to write some reflective postings on these readings, so stay tuned….

Today, on this most cloudy but gloriously lazy of Saturdays, I looked at patterns online for hours and became almost overwhelmed as there are simply too many things I want to knit/crochet all at the same time. I wish I had 6 hands: two for knitting items for me/friends/family, two for donation knitting, two for bombing. I also looked at local knitter/bombers/graffiti artists on Flickr and other such internetly sites…and to be honest, I’m sufficiently intimidated!

I've got a feeling I'm into something good (do do do do do do do do!)

As far as k/c projects go, I’ve settled on starting with the obvious basics (in my opinion): I am going to start by crocheting a crochet hook/knitting needle case and then a big fat k/c/yarn bag. I have wanted to do the latter for months. The bag I am using now is tall and narrow and it makes me crabby every time I go into it.

I think I may have even started with bombing project number two….or I did before I even made project number one. I’ve been crocheting scraps of yarn together to practice different crochet techniques, and it could make a mighty fine pole-cozy at some point. There are still skills I need to learn, and skills I have started to learn but wish to practice before I start my ideas. I intend to keep doing wacky things with this practice, scrap-yarn rectangle. Also making the hook/needle case and yarn bag are perfect ways to practice crocheting.


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