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October 5, 2010

New experience


Things are going well. I finished my cowl today and it looks and feels great! Still have to hide in those loose ends and block the thing but that will be done tomorrow!

Today I flew home for a brief visit and a couple things happened. 1: I finished my cowl, as previously mentioned. It was great, especially so given the plane T.V.s weren’t operational today. 2: I had a knitting conversation with a stranger. I’ve read in Betsy Greer’s book that when she began to take her knitting around with her, she found it opened up a world of connections to strangers. Since I’ve read that, I’ve been excited to see if I experience similar situations. On the plane today I was sitting next to a middle-aged male, and as soon as I pulled out my knitting he asked me what I was making – “a sweater?”. Later on, once he noticed I would occasionally pull out a paper and tick something off (I was keeping track of my rows) and he asked what the methodical tracking was all about. It was so neat to have somebody you do not know really interested in what you’re making. I wanted to ask him if he knit, but did not. I keep letting opportunities to ask questions pass by lately….

Also, I’ve been hypersensitive to knitwear recently. I asked a woman on the plane if she knit her baby this awesome sweater he was wearing (she did not). Many times in the last few weeks I’ve come thisclose to asking people on my regular bus route about things I see them wearing, but never do.

I can’t wait to sport my cowl and I do hope I get some comments on it. Now that it’s done I have some new tag ideas that I will finally begin trying.

But first I should probably sleep off the jetlag.