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January 21, 2011

Finding Community At 6:45AM

This morning I went on a challenging run in the pouring rain! This in itself is a triumph but is not the point.

Whilst warming up I decided to walk by the 2 yarnbombs I put up recently (consult the post below). Guess what I found? They are both still up! I figured they would be because there are other yarnbombers’ work around in my area that hasn’t been taken down. This, however, is not the exciting part.

On the tree, the paper tag is still hanging onto the yarn and none of the ink has bled with the snow and rain! Hurrah! People can still look at it and read my URL link. Most excellent. This, however, is not the most exciting part.

On the ugly grey one, the paper tag is no longer hanging off the bomb. Some wonderful soul folded it up and stuck it in between the yarnbomb and the pole! Perhaps it was hanging precariously by a thread? Or somebody thought it might blow away?

I love good people.

January 9, 2011

My first Night Time Expedition

Monstrosity Hat

I did it! Locally, this time!

Recently, I made a warm hat to donate out of a warm and soft, but not particularly sightly, yarn. Behold! The hat is supposed to be a slouchy beret. It is so large a person with some serious dreadlocks could tuck them all in!

I had a little ball left after the monster hat was done, and decided to make a new yarn bomb, yet another with no particular message – at least, no message written in it. I don’t know if I was motivated to get the cursed yarn out of my home, but about an hour after I finished it I went and put it out into the world! I also sewed another one around a tree that I made in November. I like this one better as I attempted two ways of stitching a message into the piece – by knit-vs-purling and by using 2 yarn colours. Due to my use of a 2nd yarn colour, the piece ended up quite tight and curled over at the back. I was super happy to find that by putting it on a tree last night, the roughness of the bark kept the piece however I stretched it. Hooray! I think the piece looks mighty fine on the tree. Take a look…

Cushy, but ugly, checkerboard bomb.

It's hard to see the purled heart on the left; it's easy to see the red heart on the right.

Tree with a Heart

Tag & Nervous Sewing Job

This little tree piece has inspired me to finally attempt writing messages in my next tags. An idea came to me last night, inspired by the colour yarn I was considering, and I started it right away. Once I complete this one and another idea, hopefully I’ll have my 2 new ideas posted up here soon!

January 2, 2011

Weston-Super-Mare, England

I’ve finally done it. I ‘bombed’ on land. And it was not my native land. Sofar I’m 2/2 for tagging travel destinations.

Mushroom in a Tree - my first on-land yarnbomb. It's in a dark tiny forest on the edge of a parking lot, I wonder when it will be found!

Mushroom in a Tree with a Tag

I’ve spent a refreshing week in England meeting family and traveling to new places. This week follows 10 days in my hometown, where I made a cowl for my dad for Christmas, and I’m currently working on a scarf for my mom’s birthday. It’s been nice. Before hometown, I donated some old scarves I knit back in the day. It felt good, though I want to find a meaningful place to donate them to rather than putting them in a donations bin.

Do you see it? It's scurrying across a rock.

There it is! Tag on the tail.

Putting the mushroom and the mouse around Weston-Super-Mare was fun, but it didn’t bring me much of a sense of accomplishment. There’s no real message in these pieces, though I hope they brighten somebody’s day. I will move away from amigurumi and start creating more wrap-around tags whenever I get time (sometime after this scarf is blocked and mailed)!