Weston-Super-Mare, England

I’ve finally done it. I ‘bombed’ on land. And it was not my native land. Sofar I’m 2/2 for tagging travel destinations.

Mushroom in a Tree - my first on-land yarnbomb. It's in a dark tiny forest on the edge of a parking lot, I wonder when it will be found!

Mushroom in a Tree with a Tag

I’ve spent a refreshing week in England meeting family and traveling to new places. This week follows 10 days in my hometown, where I made a cowl for my dad for Christmas, and I’m currently working on a scarf for my mom’s birthday. It’s been nice. Before hometown, I donated some old scarves I knit back in the day. It felt good, though I want to find a meaningful place to donate them to rather than putting them in a donations bin.

Do you see it? It's scurrying across a rock.

There it is! Tag on the tail.

Putting the mushroom and the mouse around Weston-Super-Mare was fun, but it didn’t bring me much of a sense of accomplishment. There’s no real message in these pieces, though I hope they brighten somebody’s day. I will move away from amigurumi and start creating more wrap-around tags whenever I get time (sometime after this scarf is blocked and mailed)!


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