Finding Community At 6:45AM

This morning I went on a challenging run in the pouring rain! This in itself is a triumph but is not the point.

Whilst warming up I decided to walk by the 2 yarnbombs I put up recently (consult the post below). Guess what I found? They are both still up! I figured they would be because there are other yarnbombers’ work around in my area that hasn’t been taken down. This, however, is not the exciting part.

On the tree, the paper tag is still hanging onto the yarn and none of the ink has bled with the snow and rain! Hurrah! People can still look at it and read my URL link. Most excellent. This, however, is not the most exciting part.

On the ugly grey one, the paper tag is no longer hanging off the bomb. Some wonderful soul folded it up and stuck it in between the yarnbomb and the pole! Perhaps it was hanging precariously by a thread? Or somebody thought it might blow away?

I love good people.


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