Winter Wonderland Tagging Part 2

Continued from the last tagging post, I didn’t just tag one day in the Winter Wonderlan. I filled my pockets with tags on more than one occasion, and had lots of fun picking locations with my dad.


Still kicking! This tag was there for at least 7 days (we passed this spot on the trail a number of times).

THINK GREEN...stayed at least 4 days.

Stitching up the tree.

My cutest amigurumi creation, a sweet little snail.

Sweety snail stayed for at least 3 days!

After I made my first amigurumi tags, I thought I better move beyond them as they had less meaning than what I dreamed of creating. Now having tagged in a very nature-oriented place, I think I will make them again for similar situations. They fit in well in a hiking-type location, and so they shall stay in my yarnbombing “repertoire”. Hopefully sweety snail has found a nice warm home by now.

Speaking of meaningful creations…I haven’t forgotten to update you on “UP”, which I posted a teaser of here. The reveal will happen late March/early April, and you will meet a new friend of mine.


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