Don’t Give Up

Remember this?

Speaking of meaningful creations…I haven’t forgotten to update you on “UP”, which I posted a teaser of here. The reveal will happen late March/early April, and you will meet a new friend of mine.

I won’t blame you if I don’t. My last post was much too long ago.

In early February, I created a yarnbomb for an installation project started by a new friend, Calgary Art Bomber. Based on a PDF call-for-projects that my officemate came across and sent to me, I became involved in yarnbombing Calgary, Alberta, remotely.

I present to you: Calgary Art Bomber’s Traffic Barrier Caps 2011

Here’s my yb, “UP” as I have previously called it here.

Don’t Give Up. My biggest, floppiest, funnest-to-knit yarn bomb to date. It was a challenge to knit – there are no existing patterns for a concrete traffic barrier cap, imagine that! I used the pattern for a drawstring bag and after frogging the first attempt a few rows in (for having too small a diameter) I created this beast. I used white yarn and a whole lotta bright scrap bits. I miss it!

You can see Don’t Give Up in the playing slideshow on CAB’s blog linked above. The project turned out AMAZINGLY. I am so happy to be part of it, and am really pleased to see how many yarnbombers participated. Is this a community or what!?

I wonder if many Calgarians (?) saw it and smiled. I hope so. I wonder where the pieces are now that they’re all gone (as indicated on CAB’s blog). Did somebody need my message? Is the yb treasured or trashed? I wish I could follow the lives of the pieces I put up (or send away), though daydreaming about the mystery is fantastic as well.

In other, less dreamy news, I went on a little weekend trip recently and did my part bombing along the way. I will post about this soon. I have other neat blog ideas. Stay tuned.


One Comment to “Don’t Give Up”

  1. Hi! Loved your work here. I too often wonder whether my work has been trashed or treasured – here’s a post I wrote about it a while ago that you might like: Those bollard cover type things seem to disappear the fastest! Hope you enjoy, love slipk2not.

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