Cheering up landscapes

Today, a friend sent me a link (included below) which inspired me to post about some amazing creative efforts happening internationally. Enjoy!

Beautiful Parisian Pothole Repairs:
np  47 rue des trois bornes_3373
Photos copyright of artist Juliana Santacruz Herrera.
This project is made from fabrics, though I can imagine a crocheted version of it as well! View many more photos in her photostream and a short description of how she does it (and some skeptical commenters at the bottom of the page ha ha!).

Yarnbombing the Blue Line in Philadelphia:
Photo copyright of StreetsDept
A fantastic (and gutsy!) project by yarnbomber Ishknits captured with some excellent photos. Read the photographer’s blog post here. His blog is amazing, check out more than just this post.
Ishknits has her own website which showcases blog design and knitting skills that dwarf this wee project! You should check it out and be inspired.

And of course, Calgary Traffic Barrier Capping:

Photo copyright of Calgary Art Bomber.
Here again is CAB’s blog and here is some coverage the project has received 🙂 You can see Don’t Give Up near the middle of the lineup in the picture above.


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