Welcome to [tightknit], a tiny little project exploring the value of community and knit graffiti.

You can call me Tightly.

I got here from a book called Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti. As I read and began to wonder what I could bring to the table, I ended up crossing into another vein, a topic I had been thinking about constantly in the recent months….

What is the value of community? What does community mean to the average person, and how do we get people to buy in? I believe strongly in the value of a tightly knit community. You know – we’re all in this together, lend a hand, help your fellow wo/man, etc., etc. I have been volunteering since my highschool years, and until this project started, that is how I did my part for what I believe in.

While volunteering is what I do to support community, this project is my method of building community.

[tightknit] manifests itself in 2 ways: yarnbombing and donating. The more obvious goal of this project is to decorate the landscape. The aim of my knit graffiti is to brighten peoples’ days, cause heads to be scratched, inspire, and bring colour to a grey street. I want to create the unanticipated change that can make a person smile on a bad day.

But [tightknit] is not only a yarn bombing project. For every yarnbomb I create, I knit or crochet something for a child’s head, an adults neck, and so on. Perhaps I’ll become skilled enough to knit socks and churn out mitten pairs on a regular basis as well. A few times a year, I’ll show you what’s in my box-to-donate.

In a way, the yarnbombing is an extensive advertising campaign for the donations, and I’m fine with that. This is my strategy to get your attention and tell you that your community matters. Lend a hand, and you’ll get one in return. Give your heart and time and see what happens. Connections, friendships, a better earth.

If you see one of my yarnbombs with a message and question who it’s for, stop wondering. It’s for you.


2 Comments to “About”

  1. I like the unexpectedness of knitting found in public.
    Paired with the words….it can be quite subversive, or a form of protest.
    I’ve enjoyed the many conversations and shout outs that street art has given to me.
    get out there! take photos. have fun!!!

  2. Well said, and I sincerely hope, well received! Having read your post re: riots I can honestly feel your frustration and disappointment. Know that those who participated are the minority and as you see the aftermath, the majority will reveal more of the “true” community. Take heart, knit or crochet hearts because it is all for the greater good. I applaude you!

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