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June 14, 2011

Arsenal, Label.

Back when I winter wonderland tagging in late February, my dad, ever the business-savvy dude he is, gave me suggestions on my website and branding. I took his advice seriously. Because of our chats, I revamped my “about” page, which I posted about a while back. And though I may have considered a similar idea beforehand (I can’t recall), he inspired me to create a unique label to put on every tag…

..and so I came up with this. And I love it. It’s rather simple to do, as an added bonus.

Look at the blog banner and look back at the photo! Square brackets! Consistency! tight! knit! Heck! Yes! I like the geometry of it, if that makes any sense at all. I think it’s sharp. This particular square is something I plan to always keep as a memento of this project. However I’ve already put this label in numerous tags…

…which I haven’t convinced you of, considering it is nowhere in this picture aside from the sample square. These are yarnbombs I’ve been creating upon evening (or multiple-evening) whims. I have become confident enough in the shape of the world around me that if I knit or crochet a rectangle of any size, I will eventually find a structure that will fit within it. And so I just keep makin’ rectangles.

In terms of lacking the label, 2 out of 5 of those yarnbombs are crocheted and I have yet to figure out the label in crochet – though I can imagine it translating in single crochet stitch. The other 3 are either too small or variegated to figure out a contrasting colour for the label text…or I was lazy when it came to the YOU bomb.

But I promise you will see the label in 2 new tags in my next blog post! Celebrations!

March 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland Tagging Part 2

Continued from the last tagging post, I didn’t just tag one day in the Winter Wonderlan. I filled my pockets with tags on more than one occasion, and had lots of fun picking locations with my dad.


Still kicking! This tag was there for at least 7 days (we passed this spot on the trail a number of times).

THINK GREEN...stayed at least 4 days.

Stitching up the tree.

My cutest amigurumi creation, a sweet little snail.

Sweety snail stayed for at least 3 days!

After I made my first amigurumi tags, I thought I better move beyond them as they had less meaning than what I dreamed of creating. Now having tagged in a very nature-oriented place, I think I will make them again for similar situations. They fit in well in a hiking-type location, and so they shall stay in my yarnbombing “repertoire”. Hopefully sweety snail has found a nice warm home by now.

Speaking of meaningful creations…I haven’t forgotten to update you on “UP”, which I posted a teaser of here. The reveal will happen late March/early April, and you will meet a new friend of mine.

February 21, 2011

Green – Tree – Up

For whatever lazy reason, I have not tagged anything since I put up those two in January.

At the very least, I have plenty of tags that are ready to go. Perhaps I should carry them around at all times. I think this may fix the problem. I can pop a little amigurumi somewhere, snap a couple quick photos, and continue on with my day. If I pack a needle and some yarn, I can put up my two new tags that are just itching for some trees.

Until then – which I plan on resolving this week! – the best things I can give you are…


The neon-pink tag I fastened to a ship in late summer 2010 is STILL THERE! I have a friend who was back on that very vessel last week, and I’ve been told that my tag is still [secretly?] brightening up somebody’s bunk! I can’t believe it. I am so happy. It’s a government ship, folks…I did not think it would last this long.

…and Previews of what’s to come:

The bobbles are hard to see in the photo. It says THINK GREEN.

The bobbles are even harder to see but they're better than the green tag in person! It says: LOVE THIS TREE

This baby is my (current) masterpiece. It has been sent to a new friend as part of a larger project that will be carried out in the next couple weeks! I did a major photoshoot with UP before I sent it off, but I really like this candid shot. You'll see the full message soon enough....

December 15, 2010

Catching Up

I’ve committed a blogger MIA. My apologies!

Though I haven’t been blogging, I am happy to report that I have been continuing my love affair with yarn. I’ve made myself an item or two this fall, but moreso I’ve been working on yarnbombs!

I finally feel like “a crocheter” as opposed to “learning to crochet”. It’s fantastic; I really love it. I love both crocheting and knitting equally, they are both my crafty children.

A batch of yarnbombs I've been working on. I like my "embroidered" tag the best - learning is beautiful. I embroidered the scrap yarn I used to learn crochet - a true "learning project".

This picture shows the majority of yarnbombs I’ve created in the last few months. Obviously, I really jived with amigurumi. I enjoy it because it’s fast and cute, but I have to move beyond it. While making cute dudes could potentially meet my goal of bringing unexpected joy to others, it doesn’t really do much to promote community or make any statements. I want to push myself to figure out how to incorporate letters into my knitting/crocheting. I find it hard…as you can see by the ugly camo-heart yarnbomb in the photo! I was trying to make something with two colours…not lettering, but same concept. I didn’t take into account that knitting stitches are taller than wider. Oh well, I’ll keep trying.

Though I’ve made a bunch of wee yarnbombs, I haven’t put any out into the environment since it’s raining constantly and, until a few days ago, I didn’t have any labels made up (with the blog address). I now have labels but I can’t do anything about the weather. The solution: I have packed some of the yarnbombs for tagging elsewhere! I’m flying home for the holidays tomorrow, where it rains much less often, and I’m also going on a week-long trip to Europe, which…the rain will mess up…but who can resist tagging internationally? Rain or no rain, something will be left somewhere. For someone. Someone British.

Happy holidays.

October 5, 2010

New experience


Things are going well. I finished my cowl today and it looks and feels great! Still have to hide in those loose ends and block the thing but that will be done tomorrow!

Today I flew home for a brief visit and a couple things happened. 1: I finished my cowl, as previously mentioned. It was great, especially so given the plane T.V.s weren’t operational today. 2: I had a knitting conversation with a stranger. I’ve read in Betsy Greer’s book that when she began to take her knitting around with her, she found it opened up a world of connections to strangers. Since I’ve read that, I’ve been excited to see if I experience similar situations. On the plane today I was sitting next to a middle-aged male, and as soon as I pulled out my knitting he asked me what I was making – “a sweater?”. Later on, once he noticed I would occasionally pull out a paper and tick something off (I was keeping track of my rows) and he asked what the methodical tracking was all about. It was so neat to have somebody you do not know really interested in what you’re making. I wanted to ask him if he knit, but did not. I keep letting opportunities to ask questions pass by lately….

Also, I’ve been hypersensitive to knitwear recently. I asked a woman on the plane if she knit her baby this awesome sweater he was wearing (she did not). Many times in the last few weeks I’ve come thisclose to asking people on my regular bus route about things I see them wearing, but never do.

I can’t wait to sport my cowl and I do hope I get some comments on it. Now that it’s done I have some new tag ideas that I will finally begin trying.

But first I should probably sleep off the jetlag.

September 28, 2010


Darn this schoolwork guilt!

I’ve been spending weeks “getting organized”, whatever that means. I find the transition from summer to fall so disrupting as now there are approximately a million more things to do with the onset of classes. I haven’t done anything substantial with research in a little bit, but I had a motivating conversation with my boss this morn. What I have been doing consistently is knitting and crocheting after work. I finished my crochet tool case, and am working on a cowl…so much for my plans of giving back to the community. Sigh. The epic trip I made to a yarn store has turned me into a selfish knitter…after this cowl I promise I’ll get on the streets. I just need to ensure a sufficient level of neck warmth whist creeping the outdoors, that’s the ticket….

Actually, I want to knit a second cowl with a different size needles (I am using a different size than the pattern suggested) so that I truly get a feeling for how much difference needle size can make. So far, this is not something I have a grasp of. But if I make two cowls, dear readers, I will donate one and keep the other! So that is a decent trade-off for learning, no?

There is a yarn bomb very close to where I live and it is beautiful (I am jealous)! It’s been there for days and last night on the way home from a late movie I gave it a nice pet. I want to add to it! Is that acceptable? Or is that rude? What is the etiquette in terms of yarn bombing?

I’ve been reading Knitting for Good by Betsey Greer. I have really enjoyed reading the history of how feminism both abated and resurrected crafting. It’s much like a beautiful love story. I never gave much thought to why many of my elders and grandmothers knit and mothers and aunts did not – but is now so obvious. I’m glad I am part of the resurrection, because knitting brings me such joy.