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June 26, 2011

I Heart Vancouver

June 19, 2011

Putting the Heart back into Downtown [Vancouver]

Hi Yarnbombers,

Well! 24 hours can certainly turn it all around.

I took the day off on Thursday. I’m trying to finish my Masters these days, so I try to work every day – it doesn’t matter when the weekend is. When I realized I really didn’t have the heart for anything but community spirit, I officially made it a weekend day for myself. And then shit happened!

I wrote that blog post very slowly, trying to figure out what exactly I’m frustrated about, how the riot affected me, and what the hell to do with the situation.

After hours of reflecting and a slowly written essay, I concluded I would put a heart or two downtown. But then the blog was posted and I had a bigger idea.

What if rallied a few yarnbombers? What if a group initiative happened? I visualized knit/crocheted hearts and bandaids put up around downtown. Of course I’m sure you all have better ideas!

So I emailed Leanne of Yarnbombing, the book I credit with making a yarnbomber of me! I emailed an author! And suggested a group effort! And she replied the same day! And mentioned my idea on her blog! This alone blows my mind almost beyond repair.

I’m so touched by the efforts made to clean up the city, as well as the efforts to document it and show the community what Vancouver is really made of – kill ‘em with kindness, right? Let’s build upon this amazing initiative made by the public servants, good samaritans, and volunteers – as a thank you to them, and as a way to show Vancouver we care about the city. And so:


Saturday, June 25th, I intend to inject some yarnbombing spirit into downtown, and I would love some company. I plan to have a bit of a knitting sit-in at a coffee shop downtown followed by some good old-fashioned yarnbombing mid-afternoon.

Feel free to make whatever will represent your feelings about the riot, the good samaritans, the city, and/or the clean-up efforts. I’ve been making these:

…and will continue to all week.

Please contact me if you wish to join me on Saturday and would like the details, or even if can’t join but simply want to know about the patterns I’ve been using! My (shiny, new) email is tightknitthebomb [at] gmail [dot] com.


June 14, 2011

Arsenal, Label.

Back when I winter wonderland tagging in late February, my dad, ever the business-savvy dude he is, gave me suggestions on my website and branding. I took his advice seriously. Because of our chats, I revamped my “about” page, which I posted about a while back. And though I may have considered a similar idea beforehand (I can’t recall), he inspired me to create a unique label to put on every tag…

..and so I came up with this. And I love it. It’s rather simple to do, as an added bonus.

Look at the blog banner and look back at the photo! Square brackets! Consistency! tight! knit! Heck! Yes! I like the geometry of it, if that makes any sense at all. I think it’s sharp. This particular square is something I plan to always keep as a memento of this project. However I’ve already put this label in numerous tags…

…which I haven’t convinced you of, considering it is nowhere in this picture aside from the sample square. These are yarnbombs I’ve been creating upon evening (or multiple-evening) whims. I have become confident enough in the shape of the world around me that if I knit or crochet a rectangle of any size, I will eventually find a structure that will fit within it. And so I just keep makin’ rectangles.

In terms of lacking the label, 2 out of 5 of those yarnbombs are crocheted and I have yet to figure out the label in crochet – though I can imagine it translating in single crochet stitch. The other 3 are either too small or variegated to figure out a contrasting colour for the label text…or I was lazy when it came to the YOU bomb.

But I promise you will see the label in 2 new tags in my next blog post! Celebrations!

April 29, 2011

Don’t Give Up

Remember this?

Speaking of meaningful creations…I haven’t forgotten to update you on “UP”, which I posted a teaser of here. The reveal will happen late March/early April, and you will meet a new friend of mine.

I won’t blame you if I don’t. My last post was much too long ago.

In early February, I created a yarnbomb for an installation project started by a new friend, Calgary Art Bomber. Based on a PDF call-for-projects that my officemate came across and sent to me, I became involved in yarnbombing Calgary, Alberta, remotely.

I present to you: Calgary Art Bomber’s Traffic Barrier Caps 2011

Here’s my yb, “UP” as I have previously called it here.

Don’t Give Up. My biggest, floppiest, funnest-to-knit yarn bomb to date. It was a challenge to knit – there are no existing patterns for a concrete traffic barrier cap, imagine that! I used the pattern for a drawstring bag and after frogging the first attempt a few rows in (for having too small a diameter) I created this beast. I used white yarn and a whole lotta bright scrap bits. I miss it!

You can see Don’t Give Up in the playing slideshow on CAB’s blog linked above. The project turned out AMAZINGLY. I am so happy to be part of it, and am really pleased to see how many yarnbombers participated. Is this a community or what!?

I wonder if many Calgarians (?) saw it and smiled. I hope so. I wonder where the pieces are now that they’re all gone (as indicated on CAB’s blog). Did somebody need my message? Is the yb treasured or trashed? I wish I could follow the lives of the pieces I put up (or send away), though daydreaming about the mystery is fantastic as well.

In other, less dreamy news, I went on a little weekend trip recently and did my part bombing along the way. I will post about this soon. I have other neat blog ideas. Stay tuned.

March 15, 2011

Winter Wonderland Tagging Part 1

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go to a winter wonderland for a week! I used that time to do lots of work and do lots of snowshoeing…complete with yarnbombing opportunities.

In order to yarnbomb while I was out and about, I had to tell my snowshoe-mate about this project, and telling your dad about the new and wacky form of graffiti you partake in is a little nervewracking. Perhaps I didn’t approach it the best way by starting the conversation off with “This is going to sound really weird, but…”; luckily dad has an open mind, and started giving his input on bombing locations! After I ran out of yarnbombs he kept pointing out good trees or stumps that would look nice with a tag! It was the cutest.

Enjoy, as I enjoyed that lovely week with daddio.

Hiding in the bark

...a wee pinky mushroom.

Mushroom #2 planted in a beautiful tree

Part 2 of this snowy adventure will be posted in the next few days. Stay tuned….


February 24, 2011

Morning bombing

As promised, I put out some of my yarn bombs this week, and now they’re where they belong: trees.

I was out at 6:45 this morning. It was pretty fun minus the cold hands! There were a couple passers-by, but mostly in cars so my level of anxiety wasn’t too bad.



What could this tagged creature be?

A flower in a tree!

January 9, 2011

My first Night Time Expedition

Monstrosity Hat

I did it! Locally, this time!

Recently, I made a warm hat to donate out of a warm and soft, but not particularly sightly, yarn. Behold! The hat is supposed to be a slouchy beret. It is so large a person with some serious dreadlocks could tuck them all in!

I had a little ball left after the monster hat was done, and decided to make a new yarn bomb, yet another with no particular message – at least, no message written in it. I don’t know if I was motivated to get the cursed yarn out of my home, but about an hour after I finished it I went and put it out into the world! I also sewed another one around a tree that I made in November. I like this one better as I attempted two ways of stitching a message into the piece – by knit-vs-purling and by using 2 yarn colours. Due to my use of a 2nd yarn colour, the piece ended up quite tight and curled over at the back. I was super happy to find that by putting it on a tree last night, the roughness of the bark kept the piece however I stretched it. Hooray! I think the piece looks mighty fine on the tree. Take a look…

Cushy, but ugly, checkerboard bomb.

It's hard to see the purled heart on the left; it's easy to see the red heart on the right.

Tree with a Heart

Tag & Nervous Sewing Job

This little tree piece has inspired me to finally attempt writing messages in my next tags. An idea came to me last night, inspired by the colour yarn I was considering, and I started it right away. Once I complete this one and another idea, hopefully I’ll have my 2 new ideas posted up here soon!

January 2, 2011

Weston-Super-Mare, England

I’ve finally done it. I ‘bombed’ on land. And it was not my native land. Sofar I’m 2/2 for tagging travel destinations.

Mushroom in a Tree - my first on-land yarnbomb. It's in a dark tiny forest on the edge of a parking lot, I wonder when it will be found!

Mushroom in a Tree with a Tag

I’ve spent a refreshing week in England meeting family and traveling to new places. This week follows 10 days in my hometown, where I made a cowl for my dad for Christmas, and I’m currently working on a scarf for my mom’s birthday. It’s been nice. Before hometown, I donated some old scarves I knit back in the day. It felt good, though I want to find a meaningful place to donate them to rather than putting them in a donations bin.

Do you see it? It's scurrying across a rock.

There it is! Tag on the tail.

Putting the mushroom and the mouse around Weston-Super-Mare was fun, but it didn’t bring me much of a sense of accomplishment. There’s no real message in these pieces, though I hope they brighten somebody’s day. I will move away from amigurumi and start creating more wrap-around tags whenever I get time (sometime after this scarf is blocked and mailed)!

September 6, 2010

Tagging on the High Seas


As I was dreaming up tightknit for a couple months, I was also preparing for a trip into the Pacific Ocean on a research vessel for work. In the midst of prepping and packing and leaving, I completely forgot about my idea: to place the inaugural tightknit tag on the boat.

About a week into the voyage I came to. DAMN! I forgot about my yarn bombing idea! I didn’t pack anything to knit or tag with! What’s a girl to do!?

Well…use some screwdrivers and neon pink string, obviously. Bitchin’:

Next conundrum: where the hell do I put this thing on a boat? There are many places a knit square can be wrapped around, but it was hard to think of a good hiding spot that I could tag without being noticed.

The porthole cover in my room did nicely. I tucked the message above inside. I wonder if a scientist or crew will find it… if it will be kept or thrown away….

The neon pink peeks out just a bit. The crew member who changed over the sheets the day I left didn’t notice, nor did my bunkmate.

Sweet success…tagging on the high seas. This is an excellent way to start tightknit, though I didn’t have the resources to do what I aim to on land.

Now, onto some hardcore knitting!