Polling the Masses

Hi readers,

I’m trying something new here.

You may have come across this blog randomly, because I know you, or because you found a tag of mine. I  hope that you’ll contribute to this site, below.

In the comment box at the base of this page, I would love for anyone and everyone to write (briefly or as extensive as you’d like) what you think about yarnbombing. Have you seen a yarnbomb? Do you think it’s neat or pointless? Do you feel excited and curious, annoyed, or like you wish you could knit/crochet?

What I want to know is: What is your reaction?


One Comment to “Polling the Masses”

  1. I found your site from a link on yyc art bombing blog, which i found from another yarn bomb site. I have been a crafter for years and years, but only recently heard of yarn bombing. (This past week my daughter and I released 3 yarn bombs in downtown calgary. It was fun, and seems to be very addictive.
    To answer your questions, I think yarn bombs are wonderful. they can brighten up someone’s day, as well as warm and soften up the place. I don’t even think they need words on them to send messages. People who see them will stop and think, ‘ what’s this, who put it there, why? etc”
    And to answer your question, what is my reaction? … I love them and want to see more of them.

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