Arsenal, Label.

Back when I winter wonderland tagging in late February, my dad, ever the business-savvy dude he is, gave me suggestions on my website and branding. I took his advice seriously. Because of our chats, I revamped my “about” page, which I posted about a while back. And though I may have considered a similar idea beforehand (I can’t recall), he inspired me to create a unique label to put on every tag…

..and so I came up with this. And I love it. It’s rather simple to do, as an added bonus.

Look at the blog banner and look back at the photo! Square brackets! Consistency! tight! knit! Heck! Yes! I like the geometry of it, if that makes any sense at all. I think it’s sharp. This particular square is something I plan to always keep as a memento of this project. However I’ve already put this label in numerous tags…

…which I haven’t convinced you of, considering it is nowhere in this picture aside from the sample square. These are yarnbombs I’ve been creating upon evening (or multiple-evening) whims. I have become confident enough in the shape of the world around me that if I knit or crochet a rectangle of any size, I will eventually find a structure that will fit within it. And so I just keep makin’ rectangles.

In terms of lacking the label, 2 out of 5 of those yarnbombs are crocheted and I have yet to figure out the label in crochet – though I can imagine it translating in single crochet stitch. The other 3 are either too small or variegated to figure out a contrasting colour for the label text…or I was lazy when it came to the YOU bomb.

But I promise you will see the label in 2 new tags in my next blog post! Celebrations!


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